so-journ (v) to stay somewhere temporarily


Forget stuffing clothes into an old gym bag and throwing in your cosmetics on top, it’s time to make travel glamorous again and arrive in style. With classic pieces such as a luxe beauty case, stylish garment carrier and beautiful tote bags, the collection is designed to make you feel like an A-lister on your weekend getaway... or should we say, sojourn. Founded in 2017, by Chelsea Carey all items are designed in Australia.


On her 21st Birthday, my Mum received what most ladies did at her age - a silver key, a pearl necklace and a matching luggage set, which of course included a hat box...because that's how they did it back then! And herein lies the inspiration behind SOJOURNE. I wanted to make luggage and travel glamorous again!


With a background in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle marketing (and a Law degree thrown in there too), I have always loved working with beautiful things and am interested in the latest trends in the market. It was because of this constant 'on the lookout' state of mind I noticed that there was a gap in the market for affordable, yet stylish luggage and travel accessories. You either had to pay thousands for luxury goods or pick up a heavily discounted black suitcase in the stuffy back corner of a department store. There was nothing in between. And so I decided to throw my entrepreneurial hat in the ring and created SOJOURNE.
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