Our fave new beauty buys this Summer

A new year means another year obsessing over new beauty products... somethings never change! Here are the products we're loving at the moment. 

1. Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil 

Magic by name, magic by nature! This shimmer oil has the perfect amount of bronze-i-ness and moisture level without leaving you sticky and gross...especially when you're running late and decide you MUST wear that new mini skirt!  

Available from FRANK BODY or MECCA $21.95

2. Glam Glow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment

The sun, salt and wind can wreak havoc on your lips during Summer. This exfoliating scrub uses a combination of Caribbean cane sugar, Hawaiian sea salt and hibiscus flower powder...umm what else do you need?!

Available from MECCA $35

3. Dr Jart+ Time Returning Serum

If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that Korea is the King, Queen and any other royal title of skincare. And this little bottle of advanced snail secretion filtrate (yes you read that correctly) is anti-ageing goodness. This serum has 77% of snail secretion (called mucin) so it is highly concentrated meaning even better results!

Available from SEPHORA 

4. Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Lipstick  

Let's be honest... 99% of us will probably buy (or have already bought) this lipstick because of the AH-MAZING and totally insta-worthy packaging. BUT, not only does this lipstick look incredible, it comes in about a million different shades, it's slimline, super creamy and - wait for it... IT'S REFILLABLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE. Total #gamechanger. 

Available from MECCA $49

5. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme 

Want those Kylie Jenner lips? Forget the fillers and invest in this brilliant lip plumper instead. Glide it on, wait for the magic to happen and the overline your life away.

Available from MECCA  $19/$40

6. FaceHalo 

Hallelujah! Seriously - this is a skin and time savour. These little circles of magic wipe away your make up using ONLY WATER. Yes, we know it seems too good to be true but it REALLY does work. You get 3 in a pack which is awesome so you can be using one and have two fresh ones ready to go!    

Available from FaceHalo $22USD for Pack of 3

And of course, why not carry all of these new products in one of our super chic Beauty Cases!

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