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First thing’s first, tell us about your blog and how long have you been blogging for?
The purpose of, and sentiment behind my blog is essentially that there is so much beauty that can be found in the ordinary, but only if one is open to discovering it. This is what I intend to do, and share with those who strive to live with as much curiosity and appreciation for the lovely little moments that life tosses our way. 

I never really intended to become a blogger. Like so many others I had a personal Instagram account, but mine happened to have a very coordinated pastel aesthetic. My followers began to grow beyond my friends, and soon enough brands jumped on board and started to realise that I could create some beautiful content for them. I soon found myself dabbling in public relations and content creation, and after becoming more exposed to the blogger world I knew that there was a place for my specific aesthetic and personal brand, thus marking the beginning of 2017 as when I began to take my blog more seriously.


You’re based in one of our favourite cities, Melbourne… but if you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why?
For the past 6 years, my answer to this question has undoubtedly been London every time. I first visited this magical little city when I was 16 and fell completely in love, and have been dreaming about living there ever since. I adore the chilly weather, the stately architecture, the bustle, and the manners, amongst so many other things. In fact, I'm currently strategising how to make my dream come true and move to London in 2018. 


Speaking of Melbourne, where do we go for…

A delicious cocktail?
Eau de Vie or Madame Brussels

First date?
Collins Quarter or The Kettle Black

Late night dinner?
Entrecôte or Lucy Liu

Something not in the tourist guide?
Wonderbao, every outdoor cinema (Moonlight is my favourite), and all the fantastic little events like So Frenchy So Chic and Le Dîner En Blanc. 

Dare we say it… coffee?
Captains of Industry, and anywhere that offers bottomless batch brew (Fourth Chapter is a definite favourite).

You’ve recently returned from a trip to Europe, tell us about it!
Aside from Marrakech last February, this has been my favourite trip to date. I've just spent three weeks over Christmas visiting Oslo, Copenhagen and London. 

Oslo was utterly brilliant, just a quiet, pastel, snowy, polite little winter wonderland. I was staying in Central Oslo with some friends, and we walked almost everywhere, visiting various modern art galleries (like the formidable Astrup Fearnley Museet), strolling around snow-dusted parks, and ducking into cafes and vintage shops in Grünerløkka (endearingly termed" hipster land" by my local friends, and was essentially Norway's answer to Melbourne's Fitzroy). One of my highlights of these (very short) four days was attending a backstage tour of the Oslo Opera House. We saw the high-ceilinged production workshops, learned all about the structural and acoustic engineering of the theatres, and (my very favourite part) gained access to the customer department. We saw the bespoke costumes for all the shows of the current season, including ballets such as The Nutcracker, Giselle and a new modern rendition of Swan Lake. We also managed to run away to the tiny fortress town of Fredrikstad, where we stayed in a gorgeously quaint hotel in the Old Town, ate waffles with brown cheese, drank gløgg, and explored Christmas markets as we were lightly dusted with fresh snow.  


Copenhagen was a very similar experience, although I was completely by myself - which was brilliant. I walked everywhere, from to Kongens Nytorv to Christianshavn and back again. I (again) visited several modern art galleries including the Danish Museum of Modern Art, which included an NVG-level Balmain exhibition, and the Nikolaj Kunsthal, which exhibits experimental modern art in the eerie setting of one of Copenhagen's oldest churches. I also visited the Rundetårn (a Game of Thrones-esque round tower), which featured its own exhibition of contemporary art entitled "WANDERING in unknown geometry" by Kaspar Bonnén. I also wandered around the Rosenborg Castle Gardens, and the ever-so lush Botanical Gardens (which were located within a delightfully high-ceilinged white greenhouse. One of my favourite parts of my time in Copenhagen was visiting the Frama concept store - a minimalist lifestyle brand which sells homewares, books, fragrances, and bath & body products. The whole shop was set up like a very stylist Scandinavian apartment, with airy high ceilings, detailed wooden cabinets and staircases, and a storm-grey vintage Beetle sitting pretty outside the store. I stayed in the Steel House Copenhagen, a minimal, clean and very happy hostel adjacent to the Tivoli Gardens.  

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Next stop was London; my all-time favourite city and future home. I stayed with a friend in central Marylebone, and was a hop skip and a couple of tube stops from Oxford Street, Soho, Mayfair and Notting Hill - all my favourites. On our first night in London we saw Oslo, a witty political play all about the Oslo Accord, which was utterly brilliant. We also saw An American in Paris the following evening, which was essentially a contemporary ballet set to the charming music of George Gershwin, and enhanced with utterly gorgeous 1940's costuming. A few days passed and then we saw, what was essentially the reasoning behind this trip in the first place, Hamilton. I have been waiting close to two years to see this musical, one of those years actually possessing tickets, and it was everything I had dreamed of and more. I also visited a few of my old favourite spots, like quirky Sketch and ostentatious Bob Bob Ricard, but also visited a few others that I had only heard about or seen on beautifully curated travel blogs. I met up with fellow blogger @katie_kli at Peggy Porschen, which is easily the most adorably Instagramable cafe in London, with some of the yummiest cakes and tea varieties that I've ever experienced (the Pink Prosecco cake is a definite favourite!) I also found my new favourite pho shop in the heart of Soho, aptly named Pho, and discovered the coziest cocktail bar in Marylebone, aptly named The Marylebone. I also managed to make some new friends (which is pretty odd for me haha) who lived in Clapham, where apparently all the young students and expats live in London. We went to a notoriously awful club named Inferno, and had a very silly, but very fun night together, which didn't make it to Instagram but was fantastic nonetheless.  


Aside from the basics (passport, camera, ATM card, backpack), what three items are must-bring things for you when you travel?

Mini hairbrush - I typically travel in the wintertime and without a smoothing brush nearby, I strongly resemble 1st year Hermione Granger. Not cute.

Red lipstick - It makes literally any outfit look stylised and intentional. 

Small water bottle, small enough to keep in a cross-body bag - I typically travel in European countries where there is brilliant tap water, so constant refills are totally possible #hydration.


Now it’s time for the quickfire…

Aisle, middle or window seat?
The window for long flights, aisle for short flights. If you genuinely prefer the middle seat on a plane, you're a psychopath. 

Do you roll, fold or stuff?
I'm a compulsive folder, however on the way back from my most recent I met a lovely girl from Hawaii who has converted me to vacuum packing.

Last minute or a week in advance packing?
I develop a packing spreadsheet about a month in advance, its columns with specifications ranging from colour, brand to warmth rating. I then actually pack about four days in advance, with an unavoidable scramble at the very last minute to find those necessities that somehow didn't make it onto the spreadsheet. Power adaptors and socks somehow always fall into the last scramble.

Bucket list destination?
Japan! However, I'll be crossing it off this April. Aside from Japan, Sweden is next on the list. 

Go to travel/plane outfit?
Black activewear with big cozy jumpers always.


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