How we stay healthy when travelling

With so much uncertainty at the moment surrounding travel and sickness here are a few things we do to stay healthy when travelling - especially on airplanes.

Anti-bacterial wipes

Generally speaking, we are not ‘germaphobes’ and thought people were a little crazy wiping down their plane tray tables but after watching @passengershaming on instagram we are now religious about using an anti-bacterial wipe over every table, chair, handle… inch of the seat. Seriously... even if you're flying at the front of the plane - WIPE THAT SH*T DOWN!


BioCeuticals Armaforce Vitamins

We call these our magic green pills and we swear by them to keep us healthy or to get on top of a cold if we feel it coming on. If we are heading on an overseas flight we will start taking these a few days before we fly and then on and after the flight.


Water, Water, Water

Hydration is key when you feel a sore throat coming on or when you’re feeling under the weather. Because sometimes chugging water can be boring we also have herbal teas or warm water.



It really is the best thing to help us stay healthy. It’s like it just fixes your immune system up overnight. If you’re on a plane, forget the movies that you have probably already seen or can watch later on Apple TV and just get some SLEEEP. And who cares if you miss the foodservice. Odds are it wasn’t that great anyway. Your body will thank you for it.


Load up on Vitamin C

It could totally be a placebo effect but when we travel we take every opportunity to load up on some extra vitamin C that we normally wouldn’t have ie. Eating kiwi fruit and strawberries, a glass of orange juice or hot lemon water are all ways we boost our vitamin C when travelling.


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