How to host the ultimate Hen's party!

With wedding season in full swing there's another big event that happens BEFORE the big day - the Hen's party! So our friends at Girls Getaways have come to the rescue with 5 tips to hosting the ultimate Hen's party.

So you’ve just found out you’re a bridesmaid for your bestie’s upcoming wedding and you’re super excited, you can’t wait to stand by your BFF on the most important day of her life. Sure you may have the duty of holding the dress while the Bride has to go to the toilet, but that’s as hard as it gets, right?… And then you remember you’re in charge of the HENS party! CRAP!

Before you go into bridesmaidzilla mode… it’s ok, we’re here to make sure you look like a pro with these 5 tips on how to plan the perfect hens weekend.


One myth we’d like to bust straight away is that all brides want a surprise. They don’t! In fact, most brides have an idea in their heads of what their hen's party will look like... and chances are, it’s probably not your ideal hen's party. So, for safety reasons, RULE NUMBER ONE:  Always consult the bride to avoid the awkward “surprise, here’s a cocktail and a penis straw” when all the bride really wanted was a glass of sparkling at high tea.

Once you’ve established how your bride would like to celebrate, ask your bride for a guest list. A word of warning, do not try and guess the guest list without consulting the bride-  you’re bound to miss someone out, and let’s be honest, no one wants to be the one held responsible for leaving nanna off the guest list. Nanna. Knows. Nasty. Trust us, it could get nasty.

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Before you even begin to decide on the details of the hens weekend, you need to determine what each guest will be expected to pay. Note, this can sometimes be an awkward topic and you can’t assume everyone will be happy to pay the same amount. We recommend bringing it back to the high school basics with a good old fashioned anonymous survey or poll by asking the guests how much they are happy to pay for the weekend. This way, everyone’s happy and no one feels obliged to pay more than they can afford.

Once you have a budget in mind, make sure you set aside a portion of the budget for any emergencies, and by emergencies, we mean, running out of rosè. Could you imagine?!

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This will depend on your budget, and your guest list.

If you’re trying to keep costs down choose a destination within driving distance.

You could choose to have a staycation in your own city - If you’re having a girls night out in Sydney make sure you begin it with a visit to Blown Lux for a blow dry and bubbles to get your hair as big as the night ahead.

If you’re looking for something with a little more wine and a lot of good food, take a road trip to Mudgee. It’s the alternative to the classic Hunter Valley, offering a little more old school charm with amazing insta-worthy holiday houses. If you’re a Victorian gal, you can’t go past the Mornington Peninsula.

For those jetsetters, Bali is always a good idea and relatively affordable for what you get -  think beach clubs, private pool villas, floating breakfasts and pamper for dayyyys.


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Even though the bride may not want to be surprised when it comes to what they're doing,  that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her and make her feel special with all the little details. We say PERSONALISE! Make sure you’ve got her favourite bottle of wine, use her favourite colours for styling, and have personalised party favours with the bride’s name or wedding hashtag. For my own hens, I’d secretly be hoping for the bridal party to have matching pink SOJOURNE carry on luggage monogrammed with “I DO CREW”. Ah, I guess that’s what the shared Pinterest Boards are for… hint, hint ;)


Once all the major decisions have been made, it’s time to have fun and plan some games!

A personal favourite of ours is the ‘Perfect Partners’ game. Before the hen's party, ask the groom to answer some questions only him and his bride would know the answer to. For example, “Who's the better cook? “ And “ What’s your favourite feature of your bride? “. Make sure you video the groom’s answers and on the night of the hens ask the bride the same questions, then play the grooms answer on the tv… if they both answer the same, great. If the bride answers wrong… shots!

Trust us, the bride will love the effort you’ve taken to speak with her groom behind the scenes.

Via: Party With Lenzo


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