How I Travel: Rebecca Abraham - Founder of Rapt by Bellies & Beyond

Tell us, how was Rapt by Bellies & Beyond born?
I have been Sleep Consulting for years and I really did love it. I know it sounds corny but giving mothers the gift of sleep is amazing and really life-changing for a lot of them. But I never did sleep training for babies under 6 months and I really wanted to offer those mums sleep help too... and a good wrap is so important in the early days and it can mean the difference between a good sleep and a bad sleep would you believe. 
After seeing how some babies react (including my own) to cotton wraps, I knew there was a need for more bamboo wraps with beautiful prints. So voila... Rapt by Bellies and Beyond was born.
You have three beautiful girls and recently went on a holiday to Bali (lucky you!). What are your top three tips for travelling with a young family?

1. Have low expectations of their behaviour.
2. Be organised.
3. Roll with the punches.
What are the essentials a new Mum should pack in her Hospital bag?
I have actually written a blog post on this which you can read here because I am asked so many times about this. Here are a few must-have items (some glamorous, some not so glamorous) but for the full list head to my blog! 
From the Chemist
- Maternity Pads (told you it wasn't glamorous) 
From Home

- Phone Charger

From the Supermarket 
- Lollies or your favourite snacks, something to keep you going during your labour. (At this stage you aren’t going to get any fatter so why not!) and don't forget for your partner too... don’t give them an excuse to go and walk the halls, who knows what they will miss out on!

From your wardrobe
- 4 feeding bras
- Loose comfy tshirts and pants (harem pants for the win)

From the baby store 
- Car capsule
- 4 onesies for the bubbi to wear
- Blanket for going home
- Some Rapt by Bellies & Beyond Muslin wraps obviously!

...and what about Dad? 
Just whatever he needs to support his partner. So if that’s her favourite music, have it ready to go. If you know she loves a favourite chocolate or chewing gum - stock up!
Describe your airport travel style? 
Comfy! You need to be comfy when wrangling children. You are not going to be in the lounge sipping champagne - if you are lucky to hit the lounge you are going to be trying to feed the kids, while you knock back some coffee and arming yourself for what’s ahead. 
You're given a weekend off, child-free - where are you heading and why? 
Can you believe it’s happening! Next month hubby and I are off to Bali. We are going there because you can have all the luxuries in the world, with great food and superb shopping. I love all the homewares there and just the general vibe. While I shop, hubby gets massages!
Aisle, Middle or Window seat? 
Window - with kids you need to be able to get out at all times.
Last minute packing or plan 2 weeks in advance?
For me, last minute. Kids - 2 weeks in advance. Remember my rule... be organised!
Books, Movie Marathon or Sleep on a long haul flight?
I assume you mean without kids to this question... but for me it’s movies! I never get to watch them at home so it’s a prime opportunity!
Bucket list destination?
At the moment it’s India! Greek Islands is also up there.
Roll, Fold or Stuff your clothes?
All of the above! 
Check out Rapy by Bellies & Beyond in Instagram here and online here 
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