Haunted hotels for a spooky stay

Are you fascinated by all things paranormal? And not afraid of things that may go bump in the night? Then here are some of the most Haunted Hotels for you to stay at around the world... and believe us there are many more on the list if you have nerves of steel. 

1. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland 
As Scotland's oldest inhabited castle and being over 700 years old, YES, 700 years old...there is no question that there may be some creepy corners at this hotel. It is said that dozens of ghosts roam the property including most Sir Alexander Ramsay who wanders the grounds and the Grey Lady, the ghost of Lady Catherine who haunts the castle's dungeon.


2. The Hotel Windsor, Australia
Built in 1883, this historic hotel in Melbourne CBD is known for ghost sightings. Over the years, it has been  frequented by sports stars, politicians, actors and musicians. Many guests have claimed to have heard Australian opera legend Dame Nellie Melba singing as she roams the halls at night.  


3. The Stanley Hotel, USA
This is the ACTUAL hotel that inspired Steven King's novel 'The Shining'... need we say more?! It's considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in America with countless guests encountering paranormal activity including doors shutting, unexplained voices and hearing pianos playing. The hotel doesn't even try to hide its history and even offers ghost tours and five hour paranormal investigations. 


4. Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada
Not only is this gorgeous hotel famous for it's stunning location and clientele which includes Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II to name a few, it has has a history of tragedy. Apparently a family staying in room 873 was murdered and their spirits never left. Due to the numerous reports of strange activity, the hotel actually sealed off the room permanently, however some but guests still report hauntings in the vicinity of the room.


5. Logan Inn, USA
Dating back to 1700's before the beginning of the Revolutionary War the Logan Inn in Pennsylvania is also meant to be one of the most haunted places in America with at least 8 ghosts reported to have been seen or felt in rooms and hallways. Most take place in Room 6, including a giggling little girl who reportedly likes to watch as women comb their hair in the bathroom.


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