Expert (Mum) tips for travelling with babies

Ahhh travelling with kids or babies... Gone are the days of lying back and settling in with a glass of wine and four movies or a good book. Flying with babies, or infants requires strategic planning, navy seal preparation, and a hearty can-do attitude. 

Here are a few expert (aka Mum's) tips on how to make the plane trip and holiday as smooth as possible. 

Tip 1

Take a baby carrier with you on the plane. You will soon realise that gone are the days of lying back in peace to watch a movie or read a book. You will be walking up and down the aisles, ALOT and a baby carrier means your hands are free... to at least drink!

Tip 2

Take at least 1 change of clothes for you and your baby. 24hr plane trip with poop on your pants is no fun for anyone. And, wear darker clothes or a top and pants so you just need to change one item.

Tip 3 

Invest in a travel pram! Something small like a Yo-Yo or a Nano is so handy when you're at the airport and means you always have somewhere the baby can sleep. They fold up so small that you can take them as a carryon onto the plane. 

Tip 4

If you can, try and book flights that line up with hotel check-in and check-out times. Sometimes if you're going to a big family holiday destination ie. Hawaii the hotel will have a room where you can go to for a shower, change which is great but we all know a baby sleeps best in a bed when it's dark and comfortable so being able to access your hotel room as soon as possible is always helpful. 

Tip 5

Pack one nappy for every hour you are flying. They are hard to find at international airports! (believe me, I know)

Tip 6

Pack snacks, and then more snacks.

Tip 7

The younger the baby the easier the trip. Honestly. 

Tip 8

Wrap all their toys in wrapping paper. Baby has half of their entertainment of unwrapping the toy. And then the paper becomes a toy too!

Tip 9

A pack of post-it notes are a cheap form of entertainment. They enjoy sticking and unsticking them all over the seat, and you. 

Tip 10

Pack as much as you can in clear bags so you can easily find things in the dark.

Tip 11

Feed or give them a dummy if they will take it on take-off and landing to help with the ear pressure.

Tip 12

Cozyphones are great so they can hear, but also sleep in them. 

Tip 13

Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. Minimal laces and fuss. When you go through security - especially in America you have to remove your shoes and if you have a baby in carrier or in your arms it's very difficult to do up your laces! Something like slip-on Vans are perfect. 

and the final, most important one...

Tip 14

DO NOT WORRY or STRESS if the baby cries. It happens! And 99% of people understand as they have been there done that. If it's bad - it will be over in a few hours and you'll never have to see or worry about those people again! 

Enjoy your holidays or trips with your little ones as the memories are far more important than a little worry about a plane trip. 


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