Beauty products we're loving this month...

There's no denying that we're a little obsessed with all things beauty and makeup and skin care and lip balms... you get the idea. So here is our round-up of some of the beauty products we're loving this month. 

#1 Quick Flick Eyeliner

One word. GENIUS. We're not sure how this product has never been created before but we're so glad it finally has! If you struggle with the elusive winged eyeliner then this nifty tool makes it foolproof. And it comes in three sizes so you can start small and then go full pro! Shop here

#2 Louvelle Showercap

It's time to throw out those free plastic hotel shower caps and upgrade to a gorgeous Louvelle showercap. In gorgeous prints and fashionable turban styles these caps will seriously up and ante on your showering game - even Oprah has given it her nod of approval listing in her favourite things for Christmas! Pick up yours here

#3 Saturday Skin 

If there's one thing that Korean's know how to it - it's Skincare. And couple quality skincare with super cute pastel packaging and you have Saturday Skin. The collection is a recipe for radiant, rested skin—like the perfect Saturday, time slows down and your face lights up. Our favourite products are their sheet masks 'Spotlight' for brightening and 'Quench' for hydration. We picked ours up at MYER

#4 Girl Undiscovered

We are so happy we discovered this incredible NZ beauty brand Girl Undiscovered. Their products are beyond organic. This 100% WILD™ brand is committed to naturally foraged ingredients. All products are ethically and sustainably grown, free from plantations and pesticides. PLUS their packaging is completely second to none - almost too pretty to use. Check it out here

#5 Coffee Bar 

When your skin needs a pick me up then these flavoured Coffee Bar scrubs are just what the doctor ordered! These bars combine fresh Robusta Coffee Beans with active ingredients such as Oats, Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil, Coffee Bar is your all year round solution to visibly beautiful skin and is especially great as we come into the cooler months. Pick from flavours like Coconut Macchiato, Vanilla  Latte, Caramel Espresso and Chocolate Cappuccino... yum! Buy them here

#6 Lixir Vitamin C Paste

If you're after a vibrant, luminous and smoothed complexion then look no further then this miracle paste. What you do is every morning, warm a pea size amount of the paste in your hands and apply to your face and massage with damp fingers. Then you leave it for a few minutes - let all of the Vitamin C goodness work its magic and then rinse with a clean towel. The result? More evenly toned, lifted and brighter skin... works for us! Shop it here


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